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The municipality of Santanyi



18 January 2023


Between land and sea

Santanyi is a town located on the island of Mallorca, Spain. This charming city offers a variety of places to visit, as well as many activities for all ages. Let’s discover together what the town of Santany has to offer.

Santanyi is an ancient town with a rich history dating back to Roman times. Santanyí’s historical heritage includes churches, fortifications, castles and other historical buildings. The city is also known for its caves and gorges, which are unique natural sites to explore.

Santanyi offers a variety of tourist attractions for all ages. Historical sites, such as the Santanyi Church and the Santueri Tower, are must-sees for history lovers. The town is also known for its beaches, such as Cala Santanyi, a fine sandy beach that is popular for swimming and water activities. Nature lovers can explore the Santanyi gorge, which offers panoramic views of the town.

The city regularly organizes events such as music festivals, gastronomic events and cultural activities. Food lovers can sample the local cuisine in the city’s many restaurants and markets. Sports enthusiasts can enjoy golf, biking or cycling on the local roads.

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Santany is easily accessible by car or bus from other parts of Mallorca. The city also has a large number of parking lots for visitors. The town’s services include hotels, restaurants, bars and other businesses for visitors.

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The town of Santany offers a variety of attractions, activities and events for all ages. This charming village is ideal for lovers of history, nature, gastronomy and sports. Visit Santany to discover all that this town has to offer.