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The Serra de Tramuntana



18 January 2023


Visit the Serra Tramuntana

The Serra de Tramuntana, located on the island of Mallorca, is an impressive coastal mountain range. This area was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2011 due to its natural beauty, history, and architecture.

This mountainous massif is the largest on the island of Majorca and offers impressive views of the Mediterranean Sea. The Serra de Tramuntana mountains are known for their deep gorges, dramatic ravines, and sheer cliffs. Lush vegetation, dense forests and lush gardens form a unique landscape.

The Serra de Tramuntana is an ideal place for lovers of hiking and cycling, with numerous mountain paths and scenic routes. Visitors can also explore the area’s traditional villages and historic churches. The Serra de Tramuntana is also home to several wineries, where visitors can taste local wines and learn about the history of wine production in Mallorca.

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The Serra de Tramuntana is easily accessible by car or public transport from the main cities of Mallorca. There is also a wealth of accommodation in the area, ranging from luxury hotels to country houses, for travelers wishing to stay longer in the area.

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In conclusion, the Serra de Tramuntana is a must-see place for lovers of nature and adventure. With its stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea, its panoramic mountain trails and its historic towns, this area of ​​Mallorca is a real gem to discover.